“What is it about the spectacle of [the] occupation that draws hundreds of people from far and wide? Is there any truth to behold in these images we see on television of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or is it all just propaganda? The IDF wants you to believe that they are merely acting in defense. But, why are the Palestinians rushing the fence? Is it for freedom? Is it about Israeli policies of agitation and control? How can we frame the debate over Palestinian rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without angering the Israeli public? It’s time for some serious talk about borders, about security, about the rule of law, and about freedom.”

Alex Goldblum, Director

“We’re at the forefront of the clash of civilizations. You’ve got all of these people here with strong Ideological intentions. The struggle is over land, religion, water, money, etc.” The people are struggling to push the state in the direction they see fit to match their ideological position. This is not simply a matter of one-state versus two-state solutions, this is a complex multi-dimensional conflict. The bombardment of all these ideas co-existing at one time, in such close proximity to one another, creates bare knuckle energy, that intense struggle over life and death, love and hate, land and patriotism.”

Noosh Guy, Photographer