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5 Broken Cameras

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5 Broken Cameras (Arabic: خمس كاميرات محطمة‎ Khamas Kamīrāt Muḥaṭṭamah; Hebrew: חמש מצלמות שבורות‎ Hamesh Matslemot Shvurot) is a 2011 documentary film co-directed by Palestinian Emad Burnat and Israeli Guy Davidi. 5 Broken Cameras is a first-hand account of non-violent resistance in Bil’in, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements. The documentary was shot almost entirely by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in […]

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The Gatekeepers

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“The Gatekeepers (Hebrew: שומרי הסף) is a 2012 documentary film by director Dror Moreh that tells the story of the Israeli Shin Bet from the perspective of six former heads of Israel’s secretive internal security service. The film combines in-depth interviews with archival footage and computer animation to recount the role that the group played […]

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